Sunday, November 18, 2012

2nd Week of Rankings Reshuffling

Because the Eighth Man only produces rankings once a month, I like to project how their voting will change in the weeks during the month. I've added results from the Midwest Cup, Canadian Cup, West by Southwest, Collegiate Cup and Northeast Cup to the existing November edition of the Eighth Man's rankings to project a realistic weekly rankings. Here is November 3!

After 3 exciting tournaments this past weekend, two of them being regionals, the Eighth Man's Rankings will have to be reshuffled. I'm not sure if the Eighth Man will continue to only produce rankings at the beginning of each month, but I project what results would look like if they voted now. Here is my projection.
1. Texas A&M
2. USC
3. Texas
4. Villanova
5. Maryland
6. Marquette
7. Miami
8. Boston
9. Baylor
10. Ball State
11. UCLA
12. Emerson
13. South Florida
14. Penn State
15. LSU
16. McGill
17. Pittsburgh
18. Bowling Green State
19. Hofstra
20. Tufts

I have A&M jumping into first because, with the Collegiate Cup victory, they've asserted themselves as the best from the IQA strongest region- the Southwest. USC, Texas, Villanova and Maryland follow with impressive showing at the Collegiate Cup boosting Marquette to 6 and Baylor to 9 with Boston sandwiched in between at 8. The jump from 13 to 7 is credited to BU's dominance at NERC, defeating Emerson 150*-80. Because of these jumps, Miami falls to 9 and Ball State to 10. UCLA, Emerson, USF and Penn State come next followed by LSU, a huge disappointment at the Collegiate Cup. The rest of the rankings remain unchanged except that Hofstra and Tufts jump Michigan State and Michigan based on their NERC performance.

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