Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mid Atlantic Regional Pool 2

Pool 2 is pretty wide open after Maryland in my opinion.
Franklin and Marshall
QC Carolina
Lock Haven
Virginia Tech

The Favorite
Maryland has dominated both tournaments its played at so far this year and there are no surprise teams that Maryland hasn't played yet that could beat them. Led by seeker Harry Greenhouse, keeper James Hicks, and outstanding chaser lines, UMD has destroyed its Mid Atlantic competition. Look for games against newbies Lock Haven and QC Carolina to be very lopsided. (about 250-0)

The Contenders
Virginia Tech caught the snitch 4/5 times at the Blacksburg Brawl, twice in Game winning situations. Clutch snatches will be needed and maybe, if Tech can keep up the scoring, Virginia Tech could pose a threat.
VCU has been very unlucky at the seeker position, losing on snatches to OSU and Virginia Tech at the Blacksburg Brawl. VCU's offense is not as high-scoring as Virginia Tech, so I just can't see a way that VCU will keep up with Maryland.

The Dark Horse
Franklin and Marshall is not a super athletic team, but they have been around for a long time and they play smart. Experience this season against Villanova and Johns Hopkins might benefit them.

The Rest
Kutztown did not impress me at the Brotherly Love Cup. Their keeper was not used effectively, as he rarely made his way down the pitch. Leading the BroLove Cup in spirit points definetly does count for somethig and Kutztown has the most experience out of "the rest" so I expect them to lock up the 5 spot.
Lock Haven and QC Carolina are teams I didn't know existed before looking at the Mid-Atlantic teams website. Let's see what they can do!

1. Maryland 6-0
2. Virginia Tech 5-1
3. Franklin and Marshall 4-2
4. VCU 3-3
5. Kutztown 1-5
6. QC Carolina 1-5
7. Lock Haven 1-5

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