Friday, November 2, 2012

Mid Atlantic Regional Predictions

Here are my predictions for the knockout round at Mid Atlantics. 12 teams out of the 21 in pools of 7 will qualify for the knockout round. The top 4 (3 group winners and a wild card) will automatically qualify for the World Cup and advance to the Regional Semifinals.
Automatic Qualifiers
Penn State

The next eight teams will qualify for the World Cup knockout round. Paired 1-8, 2-7, etc. by seeding, teams will play in a best of three series to go to Orlando this spring. If the teams already played in pool play, that game counts towards the best of three series.
Knockout Round Participants
Virginia Tech
Johns Hopkins
Franklin and Marshall
Philadelphia Honey Badgers

Knockout Round Series
Virginia Tech vs. Philadelphia HB

Virginia vs. VCU

Duke vs. Richmond

Johns Hopkins vs. Franklin and Marshall

The winners of the knockout round games will advance to the Mid Atlantic Quarterfinals in addition to making the World Cup.
Maryland 170*-Johns Hopkins 50
Penn State 60-Virginia Tech 70*
Pittsburgh 60-Virginia 90*
Villanova 120*-Duke 70
Maryland 130*-Virginia Tech 100
Virginia 20-Villanova 110*
Maryland 170-Villanova 140*

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