Sunday, November 11, 2012

Texas and Marquette Notch Victories

West by Southwest
Texas defeats UCLA convincingly 180-100*. After being outscored in the quaffle game yesterday by 20 points, Texas' offense came alive and outscored UCLA 180-70 in the quaffle game. A very impressive result from the Longhorns will put them right back at the top of World Cup favorite dissicussion and will probably catapult them back to the top of the Eighth Man's Rankings.

Midwest Cup
Ball State, Marquette, Bowling Green State, Michigan, and Michigan State got byes into the quarterfinals and to the World Cup. 10 other teams went to the knockout round. Here are the knockout round results.
Kansas 110-Loyola 30*
Minnesota 90*-Crimson Warhawks 10
Ohio State 120*-Miami 50
Illinois State 100^*-Central Michigan 90
Purdue over Eastern Michigan
Favorites Ball State and Marquette advanced to the Semifinals, while other favorite Kansas lost again to Purdue. Bowling Green steamrolled their way into the semifinals and past a tired Michigan State team to the finals. (The Spartans had just defeated Michigan in a hard fought rivalry game) Marquette defeated Ball State 140*-120 in the other semifinal showing that Ball State can hang around with high-scoring offenses. In the final, a 35 minute game, Marquette's offense shined in a 170*-90 win over Bowling Green State, the Cinderella of the Midwest Cup.

Canadian Cup
McGill and Ottawa have qualifies for World Cup Six while Carleton and Queen's will duel it out for the final spot. Carleton's productive offense jumped out to a 30 point lead in the third place game, but Queen's' seeker, who propelled QC into the semifinals, caught the snitch to send the game into Overtime. The final asserted McGill's dominance in Canada with a 90*-10 victory over Ottawa.

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