Saturday, November 10, 2012

UCLA beats Texas at WXSW

West by Southwest hasn't had too many surprises, until now. UCLA beat Texas 90*-40. Before the snatch, UCLA out scored Texas 60-40. A low scoring game is good for UCLA and it shows that they are retaining Bludger control.
Otherwise, NAU is dissociating so far, with losses to UT and the Western Merc team. The Narwals just narrowly escaped another loss to Austin QC 40*-30.
Western Merc team looks really good and will probably come in third. Overall, UCLA looks really good and will be the favorites going into Sunday.

Current Standings
UCLA 5-0 +370
Texas 3-1 +320
Western Mercs 4-1 +230
NAU 2-2 -190
Northern Colorado 1-4 -290
Austin QC 1-4 -220
Southwestern Mercs 0-4 -220

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