Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Review of Vassar's Butterbeer Classic

This article was written by Jared of the Badassilisks. Jared is a friend of Death Eater Plot andhisreport from the cup was so well written, that I asked him if I could publish it the way it is. Enjoy!

Vassar v UMass            120* - 100 
UMass showed up with 7 players   After playing their own tournament the day before.  UMass played Vassar tight actually taking the lead in the beginning of the match. Vassar fought back to 90 points when Matt Zeltzer made a clutch snitch grab to net Vassar the win.
Marist v Badassalisks    0 - 110* 
Kudos to Marist. Chestnut Hill couldn't make it so Matt convinced their new sister school to come play some of their first matches. A lot of new teams shy away from that level of competition at first bit Marist showed up with 7 players ready for action. Over the course of the tournament each team lent them subs to help them learn.  The Badassilisks used this opportunity to play non tournament players and to shake the rust off being inactive for two weeks.
Vassar v Marist              40 - 60* 
This game was played by players from all three teams including Vassar helping Marist vs. Vassar.
UMass v Badassalisks  40 - 100* 
UMass is a class act. They are great Quidditch players and sportsmen. They also know how to have fun.  Before the game they took their warmup laps like King Arthur in Monty Python and the quest for the Holy Grail complete with coconuts.  They all  had a cavalier Renaissance Faire kind of tone throughout the day even during their games.  This game started much like the Vassar game where UMass jumped out to a decent lead.  Then both teams dug in defensively and neither team scored for 8 minutes during a 24 minute match.The Badassilisks started to catch back up and took the lead.  New seeker Seth Marcus caught
 the snitch to end the game.
Marist v UMass              0 - 70* 
Marist bolstered by players from the Badassilisks and Vassar played against UMass who decided to all play different positions on the pitch.  The change showed UMass sportsmanship in playing a new and less competitive team.  The score showed their versatility as players.  

Vassar v Badassalisks   60* - 20 
We knew we were in for a game when we walked into this tournament.  We beat Vassar at our tournament a few weeks ago and they wanted what I call Quappy(Happy) Vengeance.  The game was tight.  Both teams giving very little so each goal was earned.  In the end Matthew Zeltzer proved that he is one of the best seekers in the game and made the grab for Vassar. 

Badassalisks v Marist    140* - 20 
Marist got two Vassar alums to play for them.  Keeper Nathan Hoston and beater Molly St.Clair brought experience to the Marist squad.  Sadly for Marist it got cold and the only way we could stay warm was to play hard.  Seth Marcus got his second snitch grab of the day.  

Vassar v UMass             60* - 0
With the Badassilisks in the final Vassar and UMass both knew they were in for a fight.  I'm not sure that this game was played for fun but it sure looked like it. Vassar decided to rest most of their starters including Peter Lee and UMass played the positions they played during the Marist game. A snitch grab by UMass would have thrown the game into a tiebreaker but Matthew Zeltzer made another snitch grab ending the game.

UMass v Marist              140* - 20 
The Third place match was easily dominated by UMass.  Not going to lie I was in my teammates car warming up for the final during this match.
Badassalisks v Vassar   30 - 90* 
With both teams rested properly this game was a lot like the first game of the day. Strong defense on both sides. Goals coming from good passes or hard work around each hoop. Peter Lee was everywhere distracting beaters making beats and acting like a 250lb fullback leading his backs into the endzone.  The Badassilisks kept Vassar's chasers outside and really defended the hoops well.  Our strong keeping tandem of Vassar alum David Bridgman-Packer and Virginia Tech's Robby May not only made key stops but they anchored the offense.  The one thing that I love about my team is that we get stronger the longer the game goes on and we were making a comeback. I just scored a goal that brought us within snitch catch range when Matt Zeltzer ended the game.  

At the end of the tournament all the teams had a big group hug in the middle of the pitch.  Awards were given out and we all went to eat with Vassar in their dining hall.  Every team left with full bellies and some new friends.  

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