Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bracket Play at NERC

In the early morning play in round, featuring teams ranked from 13-20 aft Saturday's pool play, UMass, Stony Brook, Green Mountain, and Hrvard advanced eliminating Vermont, New Haven, CAMPS, and the New York Badassilisks from World Cup contention.

With 16 teams left, no team was at risk for elimination from the World Cup in the Round of 16, but losing would put any team in a difficult situation (the single elimination consolation bracket) and eliminate them from NERC championship contention. So far, RIT, D2 runners up, have lost to upstart CUNY Macaulay while SUNY Geneseo has thrown original team Vassar into the consolation bracket. In addition, the Boston Riot snatched a victory from Rochester and NYU blew out Syracuse. Boston has clinched a WC6 spot after a surprisingly close game against UMass. Shortly after BU's win over UMass, Emerson and Tufts qualifies for World Cup Six too with routs over Green Mountain and Stony Brook. Over half an hour later though, Boston team Hrvard was beaten by Hofstra,who gained a spot at the World Cup.
CUNY Macaulay 80*-RIT 30
SUNY Geneseo 100*-Vassar 70
Boston Riot 50*-Rochester 40
NYU 110-Syracuse 50*
Boston 70*-UMass 30
Emerson 160*-Green Mountain 0
Tufts 120*-Stony Brook 20
Hofstra 130*-Harvard 10

In the Quarterfinals, all of the favorites won, but some had easier games that others. Boston and Emerson are on pace to meet in the finals with 160-40* and 160-60* wins over Macaulay and the Boston Riot (Emerson's second team) respectively. Hofstra needed a snatch to advance past the surprise of the tournament, NYU and Tufts blew out Geneseo 170*-40 in the twitter-advertised Battle for Tobey. ??
Boston 160-Mcaulay 40*
Emerson 160-Boston Riot 60*
Tufts 170*-Geneseo 40
Hofstra 60*-NYU 30

With the seminfianls set, consolation play for the last three World Cup spots began. Two historic teams, Vassar and Harvard were eliminated by UMass and Rochester respectively. Stony Brook,(along with Vassar) plagued by a terribly difficult pool play group landed in these games after getting a bad seed. Stony Brook lost to RIT 70*-10. Finally, in a thriller, Syracuse caught the snitch in overtime to avenge Green Mountain's comeback snatch in regulation to win 140^-120*.
UMass 80*-Vassar 40
Rochester 100*-Harvard 40
RIT 70*-Stony Brook 10
Syracuse 150^-Green Mountain 130*

In the second round of consolation, Rochester and RIT clinched berths representing the Snowbelt Conference while UMass and Syracuse were forced to play for the 11th spot. UMass won, preventing an upstate NY sweep, 120*-40.
Rochester 110*-Syracuse 40
RIT 40*-UMass 20
UMass 120*-Syracuse 40

The seminfianls featured the undisputed 4 best teams in the Northeast, Boston, Tufts, Emerson, and Hofstra. Tufts, unbanked by the Eighth Man had been especially impressive up to their game against Boston, winning by similar margins as BU and Emerson. However, those two teams were destined to meet in the final and they took care of business.
Boston 160*-Tufts 40
Emerson 50*-Hofstra 20

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