Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boston wins NERC

Boston University defeated Emerson College in the finals of the Northeast Regional 150*-80. BU put on a great display of spread offense and fantastic passing while tiring Emerson with solid beating. After a fierce comeback from Emerson that knotted the game at 80, BU fought back to a 120-80 lead after several miscatches of snitch (and UMD star seeker) Harry Greenhouse. BU finally legally caught the snitch and won the NERC. Boston University is in my opinion the strongest team from the Northeast. Their ability to pass and play quickly is similar to Texas' with less agression. Unlike Emerson, I consider BU a World Cup title contender despite their 12th ranking because of their well-oiled offense. Other regions may laugh at the Northeast becuase of the region's lack of physicality, but BU will be able to out-smart and out-play World Cup favorites come April.

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